Current Teaching (Spring 2020):

Math 67: Algebra I (see course Moodle page)
Math 102: Algebra II (see course Moodle page)

Office Hours: (tentative) Tuesdays 11:10am-11:55pm, Wednesdays 1:05pm-2:00pm, Thursdays 11:10am-11:55am in SC 153, and by appointment.

Previous Teaching at Swarthmore:

Math 15: Single-Variable Calculus I: Fall 2019
Math 25: Single-Variable Calculus II: Fall 2008
Math 26: Advanced Topics in Single-Variable Calculus: Fall 2008
Math 27: Linear Algebra: Spring 2010, Spring 2015, Spring 2017
Math 35: Multivariable Calculus (with Theory): Spring 2011, Fall 2015, Spring 2019
Math 58: Number Theory: Fall 2016, Fall 2018
Math 59: Topics in Discrete Mathematics: Fall 2009
Math 69: Combinatorics: Fall 2010, Fall 2014
Math 77: Topics in Algebra (Geometric Group Theory): Spring 2016
Math 97: Senior Conference: Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2018
Math 102: Modern Algebra II: Spring 2009, Spring 2011, Spring 2016
Math 103: Complex Analysis: Fall 2015
Math 106: Advanced Topics in Geometry (Algebraic Geometry): Spring 2009, Spring 2015

Previous Teaching Elsewhere:

Ohio State University
Math H161: Honors Calculus I
Math 580-581-582: Algebra I-II-III
Math H590: Honors Algebra I
Math 670-671-672: Algebra I-II-III (Graduate Course)
Math 840-841-842: Algebraic Geometry I-II-III (Graduate Course)
Working Group on Algebraic Statistics (with the Mathematical Biostatistics Institute)
Working Group on Tropical Geometry (with the Mathematical Biostatistics Institute)

Columbia University
Math V1102: Calculus II
Math V1205: Calculus IIIS/IVA
Math V2010: Linear Algebra
Math BC2006: Combinatorics
Math V4041-V4042: Modern Algebra I-II